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רבנות חילונית

Secular Jewish Wedding

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What is the essence of the Secular Humanistic wedding ceremony?
The human being at the center of the ceremony - This is the main principle of humanism that we practice in our ceremomnies.
The Kiddush (consecration) is an act of dedication, separation and an autonomous free choice.
Texts and practices are carefully studied and chosen . The final outcome can be a combination of traditional texts, world cultures and the contemprary Hebrew culture.
The ceremony's text is written jointly by the couple and the officiant. The ceremony is egalitarian, reciprocal and stems out of the the modern Jewish and Israeli culture.
Thousands of secular cremonies were held in the last years and our officiants have expirience in conducting them, both in Israel and abroad.

What is the differrence between secular and civil marriages?
A Jewish Secular wedding is a ceremony which draws is validity and meaning from the couple, the family and the community, by declaring the nature of their relations, culture and perception upon which they are erecting the new family.
Ufotunately the state of Israel does not recognize Jewish Secular marriages for registration purposes.
Civil marriages are a official confirmation from a foreighn country that the couple is married. Ussualy couples go to Cyprus in order to obtain this marriage certificate and than use it to register their marriage in the Interor Ministry.
There no contrdiction between a Jewish Secular ceremony and civil marriages. they both can co-exist.
For furthe details see Rabbi Nardy Grün's article on this subject.

Who are the officiants?
Secular Rabbis, Independent community leaders and media celebrities in Israel. all with a wide Jewish and general education, attentive to your needs.
Please feel free to choose your own celebrant from our list here
Or contact us by using the form on the bottom of this page.

In the news: "Israelis turn to secular weddings", Ynet, By CHAIM LEVINSON 13.2.2005


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